About Us

The mission of our department is;

to educate individuals who are professionally competent and respectful to social values ​​with a researcher, a participant and a sharing academic staff who have scientific qualities, original and aesthetic values, and to create contemporary teaching and a scientific culture in order to reach contemporary education level.

In order to realize this mission, our department has set some gaols as:

- We want to be one of the  preferred department in Turkey and the world in terms of education, teaching and research quality;

- We want to raise teaching professionals who are sensitive to technological developments and are in line with the expectations of society and sector representatives;

-We want to represent the division most effectively in the international academic environment;

-We want to constitute a  training profile that is focused on the result;
-We want to bring up participant and self-confident individuals;
- We want to be a department which is respectful to the  international values and which has adopted the principles of total quality management.


The basic values ​​of our department's mission and vision are;

-To be attached to the principles and reforms of Atatürk,
-To be tied to spiritual values,
-To comply with international legal principles and legal regulations,

 - To believe that the science is internationally accepted,
-Being innovative,
-To stick together integrity and honesty,
-To give importance to harmony and solidarity within the society,
-To love and be  respectful to everyone  without regarding his religion, race, nationality and color,
-To try to get good perfection,
-To ensure the effectiveness of the time management
-To do original research,

-To love our job.

The Department of Business Administration has aimed to give the basic rules and principles of contemporary business in a theoretical and practical way in accordance with the conditions of the country. Our department has 14 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 7 Assistant Professors, 1 Instructor and 24 Research Assistants.
The richness of the teaching staff provides integrity in professional practice and provides an important quality of action for eliminating deficiencies in practice.

The students of the department have the opportunity to benefit from double major and minor applications among the departments within Gazi University. However, agreements made by our university make it possible for our students to study abroad at a higher education institution or to do internship in a company or any organization / institution abroad with the Erasmus program.